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Drawing Linkin Parks’s Chester Bennington

chester be 1.jpg

Hello My friends, i know it’s long since the last time i posted something, my apologies. Some few days ago we lost a legend, icon, role model and a truly inspirational musician. Chester Bennington. I was shocked to hear the sad news since i listen to their music like every day. One of the thing that was unique with Chester was his unique voice, screams, and how his voice blended in with Mike Shinonda’s was just tremendous.

My favorite songs is “In the end” and “Lost in the echo”. Why?

In the end: Personally, my interpretation for this song is that the journey is what matters the most than the destination, so we should live our lives to the fullest and remember that ever single day in our lives counts.

Lost in the echo: my interpretation for this song is just letting go. In life we settle on past events that don’t make us but breaks us instead, for instance, we lose our loved ones, relationships fails, pain, but none of them ever wants us to settle on the pain of losing them but instead just move on. And i think that’s why the people in the music video are screaming to them, maybe they are upset,

If you listen to most of their songs, they are subtle, artistic, creative with a deeper meaning, that’s what i love the most about Linkin Park.

So this drawing was to give my last respect to Chester Bennington. To all the Linkin Park band members and the family and friends, I salute you.

The full drawing video is on my YouTube channel

Thank you!!!!

Drawing Harley Quinn


Who doesn’t love Harley Quinn from suicide squad… i love her personality in the suicide squad and i’m really sorry it came out late but the full drawing is now available on my YouTube channel.

I also did one of Will Smith about a month ago, also make sure to check it out.

Fried Eggs- Mixed media


Happy new year my fellow bloggers readers, this year has started with me frying some eggs on YouTube This is a mixed media piece of work whereby, i used acrylic, watercolor and Colored pencils. I finished this drawing 2days ago but i wanted it to open this year. This drawing/painting was also inspired by one of my favorite artists- Marcello Barenghi. Please check the full drawing out on my YouTube channel.

Happy new year!!

Drawing Harry Potter 

Did you watch the full video on my YouTube channel? (Moses Sabayi) if you haven’t, please go check it out. 

In this drawing i used Crayola colored pencil but any set of colors e.g prismacolor… Works perfectly well. Also for the lovers of Harry Potter,  there’s another video of Emma Watson that I did some few weeks, don’t forget to check that one too. 

Drawing Harry Potter

Drawing Harry Potter-Daniel Radcliffe

This drawing was inspired by Harry Potter series and for a long time i have always wanted to draw him, i have also done some other Harry Potter characters e.g Hermione Granger (full video is on my YouTube channel) if you are a fan, make sure you check them out.

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to all of you my fellow bloggers. May you be filled with joy, kindness and happiness as we near the end of the year.  

Still life painting 

Hello,  first I must apologize for not being active in my blog. It’s been really a rough month but I hope to engage more in future. 

This painting is the latest on I did. It’s an acrylic on board, and I’m not sure if it really needs a name. I love the colors and the window behind, but I hope to do better soon. 

Thank you so much!! 

Drawing Will Smith 

Drawing Will Smith… Since fresh prince Bel air, up to now,  he is still one of my favorite actors of all time. 

The full video is now available on my YouTube channel. 

Drawing a hyper realistic eye

Did you watch my drawing a hyper realistic eye on YouTube? like,  subscribe,  share. 

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