maasai mara elephants
Many people when they hear of Kenya their first impression is always poverty, corruption, terrorism and other bad stuffs, but let’s face it, those who make such comments have never stepped in the country or they are just haters or simply racists. No country in this world is 100% free from the above problems. Maybe it’s time people stop being  judgmental towards Kenya and other African countries, because of one or two problems it’s facing. Why not start thinking of the Maasai mara, the Serengeti, Kruger, the beautiful pyramids in Egypt or the Kilimanjaro and other beautiful places in Africa because all i know is that Rome wasn’t build in a day.

I decided to paint this Maasai mara elephants just to prove how Africa particularly in Kenya is made of beautiful things and maybe try to change people’s perspective towards Kenya and the other African countries.