Water on woman’s face drawing

water drops on woman's face drawingDrawing women has always been something fascinating for me as an artist, because of their natural enchanting beauty. I used to have a big problem when it came to drawing women and in fact so much afraid when it came to faces but thank God that i was able to face my fears and believe that nothing is hard to draw or paint when it comes to art, it’s all about giving it a try and practice, practice and more practice.

I drew this gorgeous woman with water running through her face just to express how beautiful and winsome all women are, and to know where i’m heading to as far as drawing women faces is concerned.

Tell me what you think about it.

Published by Hello this site was recently changed to mosesabayi.com

I'm an 20 year old artist interested in painting with acrylics and pencils(graphite and colored).

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