Drawing Avril Lavigne


She is incredible! I mean look at her songs; innocence, when you are gone, let me go, nobody’s home. She’s one of my favorite few pop artists. Powerful voice, ego I really had to draw her.

Published by Hello this site was recently changed to mosesabayi.com

I'm an 20 year old artist interested in painting with acrylics and pencils(graphite and colored).

30 thoughts on “Drawing Avril Lavigne

      1. Yep ! At least her husband still makes good music in Nickelback (unless you are American, because from what I saw on the Internet they seem to all hate Nickelback in the US)


      2. Okay I ask you because we are kind of ignorant about Kenya (except for safaris and savannah) in the western world tbh and I just love to learn about new cultures and countries. The only things I know about Kenya is that it’s capital is Nairobi and that some people speak swahili and english there (I know that because of The Lion King, they used swahili for the names, pardon my ignorance 😦


      3. Oh okay ! Well tbh I have the same problem with Eastern European countries (and I’m European lol) I just wanted to make sure you didn’t think it was racism (not at all!) I just do that with all the foreigners I meet because it’s so interesting to know more about each other and I know what we see on TV is not always what ACTUALLY happens in the country! Anyway, I think being open minded is so important, so I do my best to be that way 😉


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