Male drawing


Nothing great would ever be achieved without great men. I mean look at Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela. They revolutionized the world. Men were born like a lion, to fight, born to succeed, not to fail.  They define determination because this is what makes them brilliant, innovative, creative and extraordinary. They are capable of bringing this world into ashes or make it a paradise. They make way for every single successful woman in this world.
So whenever you see a man roaring like thunder when speaking, respect that incredible mind!

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I'm an 20 year old artist interested in painting with acrylics and pencils(graphite and colored).

7 thoughts on “Male drawing

  1. Wonderful drawing!
    Being so young and having such mature thoughts is great. One day you’re going to be somebody and I am not saying this just because. I really think so! Keep doing what you love!


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