I first saw her on Eminem and Sia’s song guts over fear. It made me feel confident that there is nothing impossible for a willing hand! With a skin condition, she’s an incredible model of which sincerely speaking i have never seen someone so determined like her before! simply because those who had the passion lacked determination and lost hope because of a small scratch on the face. I think God created us all not to suffer in this world but to aspire, shoot for the stars regardless of who we are. It’s no wonder someone without or with one leg can stand up and become among the fastest people in the world! it’s no irony, wait for the paralympic games and see it for yourself. People who are willing and determined always prove the dictionary wrong that the word impossible doesn’t exist! look at Helen Keller, they proved that so long as God has given you a head with a brain in it you have no excuse not to aspire.