Today is my birthday!!!


Today is my birthday!! so i decided to play the ‘happy birthday’ song to myself, with a borrowed guitar(what a shame). Anyway I’m turning 19! long ago in Africa we used to say one is turning the 19th moon, haha funny. So i’m really happy that I’m not just growing physically but also mentally. Trying so hard to make life sweet by getting kicked by life and getting up saying ‘not today’. Exploring the beauty of life and appreciating the gift of life God has given us for free. Imagine it was a human being giving you life, don’t you think he would have snatched it away from you a very long time? utilizing the little time i have with my family and friends, life never cares how related we are to our loved ones. In fact it has mastered the art of snatching. Leaving wounds in our lives. But the good thing our wounds heals and become memories, then our memories becomes treasures, thank you Lord! So today I will also draw a nice gift for myself, and continue with the mission that brought me here on earth before i leave it.

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I'm an 20 year old artist interested in painting with acrylics and pencils(graphite and colored).

7 thoughts on “Today is my birthday!!!

  1. Happy Birthday Moses! May God grant you many days of happiness and joy and may all wounds heal. May you continue on your artistic journey and may you be blessed and successful in all you do! With Love, your fellow artist friend from across the big pond! 🙂


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