This drawing of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington closes the chapter in  my 2015 artworks. It has been a wonderful year full of success and failure, happiness and sadness, quite an adventure.  It was the year that I have seen progress in my art life, leave alone the other part of my life.
The year that I have been able to embrace joy and pain by taking it and turning it into art. Someone said “My life is my masterpiece. ”
I have allowed myself to make mistakes. That’s creativity. Now I know which ones to keep. That’s art.
If ever I die a famous artist, like Leonardo Da Vinci, I’d prefer no biography, my art throughout is the window to the story of my life.
I know this isn’t the perfect art for such words. Forgive me. 2016 will be better.
I wouldn’t say much about the other part of my life, that’s another story.
Thank you God for bringing me up to this point of life.