Just like music, art changes. Different styles and new techniques comes to limelight as centuries goes by. For instance, look at the classical music and hip hop music, quite a great change right? In art, look at renaissance paintings like the Mona Lisa and compare it to today’s hyper realism paintings, drawings and sculptures, see the difference.

So why did Why didn’t great artists achieve the level of realism achieved today? is it the materials they used, is it the time they lived in, or maybe there were certain limitations artist’s had when creating realistic art. In comparison to today’s art, if you google hyper realistic or realistic art, any other person who knows little about art would not believe that someone really created this with his bare hands. Interestingly, there are so many notable artists today who create such work. So, why the difference, what do you think led to such an incredible improvement in art, or are they just two different things?

What do you think?