Drawing Linkin Parks’s Chester Bennington

chester be 1.jpg

Hello My friends, i know it’s long since the last time i posted something, my apologies. Some few days ago we lost a legend, icon, role model and a truly inspirational musician. Chester Bennington. I was shocked to hear the sad news since i listen to their music like every day. One of the thing that was unique with Chester was his unique voice, screams, and how his voice blended in with Mike Shinonda’s was just tremendous.

My favorite songs is “In the end” and “Lost in the echo”. Why?

In the end: Personally, my interpretation for this song is that the journey is what matters the most than the destination, so we should live our lives to the fullest and remember that ever single day in our lives counts.

Lost in the echo: my interpretation for this song is just letting go. In life we settle on past events that don’t make us but breaks us instead, for instance, we lose our loved ones, relationships fails, pain, but none of them ever wants us to settle on the pain of losing them but instead just move on. And i think that’s why the people in the music video are screaming to them, maybe they are upset,

If you listen to most of their songs, they are subtle, artistic, creative with a deeper meaning, that’s what i love the most about Linkin Park.

So this drawing was to give my last respect to Chester Bennington. To all the Linkin Park band members and the family and friends, I salute you.

The full drawing video is on my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8gi2eWQfo8

Thank you!!!!


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