Hi, My name is Moses Sabayi. I’m a 19 year old artist from Nairobi, Kenya  who has been doing art since childhood. I’m interested in painting and drawing with graphite, charcoal and colored pencils . It’s through my art that i have been able to appreciate the good things in life that makes us who we are and also express my ideas and my perceptions towards various issues in life.

I strongly believe that it is what we enjoy doing in life that can change the entire world and make it a better place regardless of who we are. I also believe that it’s the funny little things we experience everyday, the things which are often forgotten and ignored  that makes us who we are. This are the things that i express through my art since i strongly believe in the power of art.

I want to  make you feel inspired and excited through my art. So visit my blog, read it, like it, and don’t forget to drop a comment.