Drawing Tip

For the lovers of the movie, Home, i drew this drawing for you all especially those who’s favorite character was Tip. I drew this drawing with faber castell colored pencils just to show how wonderful the movie was. If you really enjoyed the movie, why don’t you share your thoughts towards this drawing by droppingContinue reading “Drawing Tip”

Spider on a woman’s face drawing

Here’s a colored pencil drawing of a spider, and this time on a woman’s face.This drawing goes out to all the lovers of spiders, I mean those who would rather take it outside than killing it. Those who say that the spiders help kill other small dangerous insects in the house. Those kids who useContinue reading “Spider on a woman’s face drawing”

Drawing Elsa with coloured pencils

This is a coloured pencil drawing of Elsa from frozen. It was actually a wonderful movie and i had to repeat it over and over again, then an idea popped up into my head, ‘why not draw Elsa with my coloured pencils this time then princess Anna later.’ In my work i used faber castellContinue reading “Drawing Elsa with coloured pencils”