Woman pencil drawing

“Women will never be as successful as men because they have no wives to advise them.” Well, i was going through the internet and came across this quote of which i’m not quite sure whether it’s true or just to discourage them but i’ll leave you to decide for yourself. Because of  that, an idea popped upContinue reading “Woman pencil drawing”

Water on woman’s face drawing

Drawing women has always been something fascinating for me as an artist, because of their natural enchanting beauty. I used to have a big problem when it came to drawing women and in fact so much afraid when it came to faces but thank God that i was able to face my fears and believeContinue reading “Water on woman’s face drawing”

Drawing Michael Jackson(smooth criminal)

Sincerely speaking even if he died six years ago, i still think his an awesome musician and one whom pop musicians should copy from. I don’t think if his music will ever stop. This as usual made me draw him from the song, Smooth criminal  and added another artist from my own imagination to makeContinue reading “Drawing Michael Jackson(smooth criminal)”

Man by the window drawing

I was listening to one of Michael Jackson’s songs stranger in Moscow ( i know it’s a very old song ) and came across this part of the video, of which my first impression was that the man was experiencing nostalgia. Since he was in a sombre mood on a rainy day, whereby we are gloomy and thoughtful,Continue reading “Man by the window drawing”

Pencil drawing of a dog

If we humans could copy a dog’s qualities as in the way they love us more than they love themselves, barking and attacking just to protect it’s master no matter the situation, always being around us in times of happiness or sorrow, fighting no matter it’s size, loving us no matter the race or genderContinue reading “Pencil drawing of a dog”