Blonde woman painting

Have you ever woken up in the morning and started painting anything, and in the process you find out that you are painting something amazing that you’ve never tried before? well, it happened to me. This acrylic painting was supposed to be some of my stupid rough work, but it came out better than iContinue reading “Blonde woman painting”

Blue jay painting

The blue jay has a reputation as a noisy bird, a characteristic shared with its closest relative, and because of that i have grown up hating the bird. This time i decided to put all my feelings towards the bird on a paper and painted it with my favourite acrylic paintings. I decided to paint itContinue reading “Blue jay painting”

The Maasai Mara elephants painting.

Many people when they hear of Kenya their first impression is always poverty, corruption, terrorism and other bad stuffs, but let’s face it, those who make such comments have never stepped in the country or they are just haters or simply racists. No country in this world is 100% free from the above problems. MaybeContinue reading “The Maasai Mara elephants painting.”

Abstract Painting

I’ve always been drawing and painting since i was little, but the most creative thing i have ever attempted in my entire life was creating abstract art. Sometimes they look meaningless and pointless but for me, i have always seen the artists’ purpose of creating it and interpreting it according to my own point ofContinue reading “Abstract Painting”

Splendid glossy splinter

I spent a lot of time thinking of the African birds and gladly this Tanzanian splendid glossy splinter came into my mind. I was impressed by the outcome especially the background and the branch of which i did it quite differently. I used acrylics paintings on a hard drawing paper which did’nt make the paintingContinue reading “Splendid glossy splinter”

Good Morning

The power  and sheer beauty found in nature has always fascinated us. When we look at the beautiful nature, we cannot help but feel small and powerless in comparison. Mighty trees in a vast forest inspire feelings of insignificance and awe. The truth is, nature can teach us many valuable lessons. It can also leadContinue reading “Good Morning”