Painting “Take it all “

My soul cries, my heart beats like African drums. My chest is in pain, my chest bones have all cracked. Take it all, take it alway. You gave me this heart the blood that runs down, you are the one who created all this. You inspired me, showed me the way, helped me sacrifice whoContinue reading “Painting “Take it all “”

Hello! Welcome to my YouTube channel Hello wonderful people, a few months back i opened my first YouTube channel whereby i upload my speed drawings so that i can interact with all my fans on YouTube. You can check it out the link is above and if You like any of them, please hit a like! Don’t forget to subscribe:-),Continue reading “Hello! Welcome to my YouTube channel”

Sleeping willows painting

The power and beauty found in nature has always fascinated me. When we look at the beautiful nature, we cannot help but feel small and powerless in comparison. Mighty trees in a vast forest inspire feelings of insignificance and awe. Beautiful sun rays that strike our face, fresh air that magically leaves us smiling. TheContinue reading “Sleeping willows painting”

“Fading” acrylic painting

Inspired by Lena Danya’s ”fading”. She is one of my favorite Artists on YouTube. Her speed paintings, mostly 2-5minutes really inspires and teaches me a lot. Fading is one of my best in her channel and i really wanted to learn how she did it. Thanks a lot Lena I’ve learnt a lot from yourContinue reading ““Fading” acrylic painting”