Drawing President Uhuru Kenyatta

In this video i’m drawing my President(Kenya) His excellency Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. A very strong man who inherited his father’s strength. A smart Leader and an inspiration to all. Like a sniper, he takes time to shoot but never misses his target. God bless you! and lead like your father.

Drawing Cristiano Ronaldo(YouTube)

My Drawing Cristiano Ronaldo video is now on my YouTube channel! After their victory against Atletico, i decided to draw my favorite footballer.Go¬†watch and drop comments and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t. See you soon!

How time kills us slowly (drawing )

Man tries to kill time but it ends up killing us slowly. It’s something that controls the whole universe. I bet it also exists in heaven and hell. It’s free but it’s priceless. Every minute we waste today we end up accounting for it tomorrow. That’s how it works. Once you’ve lost it you canContinue reading “How time kills us slowly (drawing )”