Call us artists

That guy doing the number two sign is me! we took this pic together with my friends before our performance on stage. Our story was about F.G.M and how young girls are forced into early marriages. It was really fun especially the Maasai attire. Though acting is not that simple, we had a great time!

Hurray!!! My first exhibition

Today was one of my happiest days of my life. I made history. Not that I did something super incredible, but i exhibited my work for the first time in my life. Me and my friend(George) who is awesome at using ink, decided to combine forces since we were competing with 3rd and 4th yearsContinue reading “Hurray!!! My first exhibition”

Drawing Kingbach(about laughter)

A day without laughter is a day wasted. It is the cure for grief. “It is the sun that drives away winter from human face”. It heals all wounds, and that’s one thing that people we’ll spend money to find. It is not as complicated as buying love though. It’s what connects people of sameContinue reading “Drawing Kingbach(about laughter)”

Today is my birthday!!!

Today is my birthday!! so i decided to play the ‘happy birthday’ song to myself, with a borrowed guitar(what a shame). Anyway I’m turning 19! long ago in Africa we used to say one is turning the 19th moon, haha funny. So i’m really happy that I’m not just growing physically but also mentally. TryingContinue reading “Today is my birthday!!!”

Drawing Winnie Harlow

I first saw her on Eminem and Sia’s song guts over fear. It made me feel confident that there is nothing impossible for a willing hand! With a skin condition, she’s an incredible model of which sincerely speaking i have never seen someone so determined like her before! simply because those who had the passionContinue reading “Drawing Winnie Harlow”

Male drawing

Nothing great would ever be achieved without great men. I mean look at Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela. They revolutionized the world. Men were born like a lion, to fight, born to succeed, not to fail.  They define determination because this is what makes them brilliant, innovative, creative and extraordinary. They areContinue reading “Male drawing”

Drawing my favorite childhood cartoons

This were the kind of things that really inspired me to become an artist since childhood, cartoons. As i said, it’s the little things that makes life great and worth memorable. This is what brought me here, and not a single day will it ever slip my mind. That’s why i drew it.