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Art by Moses Sabayi



Drawing Harry Potter 

Did you watch the full video on my YouTube channel? (Moses Sabayi) if you haven’t, please go check it out. 

In this drawing i used Crayola colored pencil but any set of colors e.g prismacolor… Works perfectly well. Also for the lovers of Harry Potter,  there’s another video of Emma Watson that I did some few weeks, don’t forget to check that one too. 


Drawing a hyper realistic eye

Did you watch my drawing a hyper realistic eye on YouTube? like,  subscribe,  share. 

Drawing a hyper realistic eye

The eye, the window to the soul. Says the truth of the matter doesn’t lie not unless one wants to see what he wants to see. All our memories, pass through the eye, our pain, sorrow,joy. 

The full video is available on my YouTube channel

Drawing the human heart 

The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see and knows what the mind cannot understand 

The full drawing is on my youtube channel- Moses Sabayi 

Drawing Ariana Grande

Drawing Ariana Grande 

Coming soon on my YouTube channel

The Eye and butterflies drawing

The eyes are the most beautiful part in human beings(according to me) just like the butterflies make nature look beautiful, the eyes makes the whole face look beautiful. They are different varieties, blue, brown, green. Like most people from Africa have brown eyes, me included, green eyes are rare, so if you have green eyes not only should you consider yourself lucky, but also special.

Bubbles painting 

Painting bubbles, this is a bit similar to the one i did 3weeks ago but this one is much better. For those who don’t have any paints, you can use prismacolors and I can guarantee you it will come out much better than paints since you have a greater control with the colored pencil than paint. But for those who have paints, I used acrylic paints since i wanted it to dry as fast as possible. You can watch and learn on my YouTube channel how I painted it, make sure to subscribe if you haven’t, share it if you like to keep supporting me.  See you soon 

Drawing LeBron James

My drawing LeBron James video is now on my YouTube channel, after their victory, i decided why not give him a try. It’s the first time i’m doing a basketball player drawing in my entire life(can you believe that). It’s about three and a half minutes long and let me hear what you think of it. Also subscribe for those who haven’t subscribed yet it really helps me a lot. Feel free to share it with other basketball fans it really really helps a lot. See you soon!

Drawing Betty Kyalo(YouTube)

Drawing Betty Mutei Kyalo the beautiful kenyan TV presenter. A really inspiring African woman and one looked upon to by many African young girls!

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