Drawing Winnie Harlow

I first saw her on Eminem and Sia’s song guts over fear. It made me feel confident that there is nothing impossible for a willing hand! With a skin condition, she’s an incredible model of which sincerely speaking i have never seen someone so determined like her before! simply because those who had the passionContinue reading “Drawing Winnie Harlow”

Drawing tribal woman

We live in a world where we are over saturated by different kinds of people who continue to define and redefine culture. It’s who we are, the way of life.    Another woman drawing! I believe women are the experts when it comes to preserving our culture for future generations.    I used my ownContinue reading “Drawing tribal woman”

Blonde woman painting

Have you ever woken up in the morning and started painting anything, and in the process you find out that you are painting something amazing that you’ve never tried before? well, it happened to me. This acrylic painting was supposed to be some of my stupid rough work, but it came out better than iContinue reading “Blonde woman painting”