Doodling Circles(Peace and Unity)

Where there is unity there is always victory. Wonderful things can be achieved if we stand together. There’s no giving up when we are hand in hand together finding our common quests. Where people are fighting each other, there’s always poverty.

Drawing Chester Bennington

This drawing of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington closes the chapter in  my 2015 artworks. It has been a wonderful year full of success and failure, happiness and sadness, quite an adventure.  It was the year that I have seen progress in my art life, leave alone the other part of my life. The year thatContinue reading “Drawing Chester Bennington”

Hurraay!!! my drawing kingbach video is now on youtube!!

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Owl drawing

This is the second time I’m drawing this same owls. The first one i did it on an A1 paper but i gave it out to a friend. It is part of my school final project together with three other drawings of which I’ll show you later. I don’t know if i should call thisContinue reading “Owl drawing”

Hurray!!! My first exhibition

Today was one of my happiest days of my life. I made history. Not that I did something super incredible, but i exhibited my work for the first time in my life. Me and my friend(George) who is awesome at using ink, decided to combine forces since we were competing with 3rd and 4th yearsContinue reading “Hurray!!! My first exhibition”