Drawing Kingbach(about laughter)

A day without laughter is a day wasted. It is the cure for grief. “It is the sun that drives away winter from human face”. It heals all wounds, and that’s one thing that people we’ll spend money to find. It is not as complicated as buying love though. It’s what connects people of sameContinue reading “Drawing Kingbach(about laughter)”

Today is my birthday!!!

Today is my birthday!! so i decided to play the ‘happy birthday’ song to myself, with a borrowed guitar(what a shame). Anyway I’m turning 19! long ago in Africa we used to say one is turning the 19th moon, haha funny. So i’m really happy that I’m not just growing physically but also mentally. TryingContinue reading “Today is my birthday!!!”

Exploring my creativity(drawing an owl)

In my second series of ‘exploring my creativity’ , I’m drawing an owl but rendering it with different lines. Instead of drawing a realistic owl, I figured out that it’s not everything that it’s realism we can still create amazing things with just simple stuffs.

Exploring my creativity(pallet drawing)

It’s so amazing how much you can play around with lines and produce something incredible that you can’t believe you are the one who created it! This is a perfect example. I didn’t know the most ignored lines like curved and waves can produce incredible work.