The swimmer

‘The swimmer’ is all about Jason Edward Dunford an outstanding Kenyan swimmer. He is in fact my best swimmer and one of my best athletes in the universe. He has made the country proud of which he has won gold medals at the Commonwealth Games, All-Africa Games and African Championships and others. Many of his achievementsContinue reading “The swimmer”

Female painting

Another painting of a woman! well i think this might be the last female art i’m making for a while. I had a problem in both drawing and painting female before but because i’ve seen a great improvement in my female artworks i think it’s the high time i also remember the male gender. It’sContinue reading “Female painting”

Blonde woman painting

Have you ever woken up in the morning and started painting anything, and in the process you find out that you are painting something amazing that you’ve never tried before? well, it happened to me. This acrylic painting was supposed to be some of my stupid rough work, but it came out better than iContinue reading “Blonde woman painting”

Blue jay painting

The blue jay has a reputation as a noisy bird, a characteristic shared with its closest relative, and because of that i have grown up hating the bird. This time i decided to put all my feelings towards the bird on a paper and painted it with my favourite acrylic paintings. I decided to paint itContinue reading “Blue jay painting”