The swimmer

the swimmer; jason danford‘The swimmer’ is all about Jason Edward Dunford an outstanding Kenyan swimmer. He is in fact my best swimmer and one of my best athletes in the universe. He has made the country proud of which he has won gold medals at the Commonwealth Games, All-Africa Games and African Championships and others. Many of his achievements are unprecedented in the history of Kenyan swimming.

In my drawing i used all the HB pencils plus a knead eraser. Although the water splash was not that simple, i really tried my best.

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I'm an 20 year old artist interested in painting with acrylics and pencils(graphite and colored).

12 thoughts on “The swimmer

  1. You did a nice job on this one!

    Another suggestion: don’t put the word “tag” next to your “tag word”, bust just simply: portrait, art, drawing, etc.


  2. Wow, you are super official! Nice work…if i had the money to pay for your work i’d definitely buy or commision you to draw my book cover, whenever i decide to put one out!!Nice artwork!


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